Tough stance on China of the new US Secretary of Defense 1Tough stance on China of the new US Secretary of Defense 1

(Dan Tri) – New US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has made many tough statements aimed at China, a country considered Washington’s top competitor.

The new US Secretary of Defense was sworn in

Mr. Mark Esper spoke after being sworn in as US Secretary of Defense on July 23.

New US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who was nominated by President Donald Trump for the position of Pentagon boss, said that the current trade war between the US and China is not only an economic issue, but also involves

`I have always studied China and I am also very interested in China,` Secretary Esper told reporters at the Pentagon on July 24 when asked about the escalating conflict.

“I think we need to be concerned about Chinese technology getting into our systems or the systems of our allies.

The new US Secretary of Defense said he supports the Trump administration’s efforts to isolate Huawei, a Chinese technology corporation, to prevent this `giant` from expanding its influence in opposing countries.

“When I was in Brussels three weeks ago, we spoke with defense ministers about how we can maintain the integrity of our network as an alliance,

US officials have long been concerned that China’s theft of intellectual property has deprived the US of billions of dollars in revenue as well as thousands of jobs, while also threatening US national security.

Last year, the Pentagon stopped purchasing modems and mobile phones from Huawei and ZTE, China’s two leading telecommunications companies, to place at military bases around the world, due to concerns about risks.

The statement by the new US Secretary of Defense came just one day after sources told CNBC that US trade negotiators would go to China to conduct talks to resolve the ongoing trade war.

Mr. Esper assumed the leadership position of the Pentagon at a time when the world’s two largest economies were facing a tense trade war and Washington still opposed Beijing’s expansionist moves in the East Sea.

Secretary Esper has long urged the US to take a tough stance against China.

“We were probably a little late, actually we were late, to realize that we were in strategic competition with China.

According to the new US Secretary of Defense, Washington has lost its military advantage when compared to Russia and China.

`Today, Russia and China have strongly developed both military capabilities and weapons systems, causing us to lose the advantage we have long held,` Mr. Esper said at the Conference.


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