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(Dan Tri) – Poet Imadeddin Nasimi left a rich poetic legacy in Azerbaijani, Farsi and Arabic.

Portrait sketch of poet Imadaddin Nasimi

How to free your mind, release your emotions, and find harmony between yourself and the world around you?

One such poet, who saw humans as the true treasure of the world and was certain that the human mind was capable of creating miracles, was Imadeddin Nasimi.

Imadeddin Nasimi was born in 1369 in the city of Shemakha, Azerbaijan, which has been considered a political, economic and cultural center for many centuries and is famous for its rich poetic tradition.

It was the environment in which the future great poet lived both his childhood and youth.

Nasimi lived during a period of civil strife in Azerbaijan, with constant wars with Timurid invaders.

According to the researcher of Nasimi’s works, Abdul-Azal Demirchizade, the literary language written in Azerbaijani was formed in the 12th and 13th centuries. Researchers believe that Nasimi’s greatest creative feat was in half

According to researcher Dzhangir Kagramanov, the maturity and perfection of Nasimi’s poetic forms written in Azerbaijani, the depth of thought and the richness of language are testament to ancient linguistic traditions.

Many researchers agree that Nasimi became the `teacher` of Fizuli, who is considered a classic author of Azerbaijani poetry.

In the Middle Ages, Nasimi was so widely accepted by Armenians that some Armenian sources speak of him as a poet who `adopted Christianity`.

Armenian poets were inspired by Nasimi’s advanced ideas, especially Miran, who lived and worked in the late 17th and early 18th centuries in Tabriz.

After his death, Nasimi left behind a rich poetic legacy in Azerbaijani, Farsi and Arabic.

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan declared 2019 as “Nasimi year” to commemorate the 650th birth anniversary of Imadaddin Nasimi.

According to the Azerbaijan Embassy

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